Natural Genital Herpes Treatment Method and Theory of Oxygenation and Reduction of Acid within the B

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Published: 20th June 2008
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Based on the work of Dr.Otto Warbugh in the early 1900's, and Dr. Theodore Baroody's novel "Alkalize or Die" we have come to understand that the reduction of acid levels and the increase of oxygen levels in the body can provide a successful and cost effective genital herpes treatment. The herpes virus is anaerobic, which means it cannot exist in an elevated oxygen environment within the body. Increasing the body's pH (alkalinity) will suppress the genital herpes and oral herpes virus to levels where one will not experience outbreaks and most, after treatment of their herpes for at least 5 months will never have to treat again (with the solutions described below)

The method proven by Dr. Otto Warbugh's research is comprised of several parts, starting with the overall theory and education of this particular herpes treatment and followed by several key natural ingredients. Below we describe two out of the three of these ingredients and how they contribute to the overall process of pH stabilization.

B.O.L is a stabilized liquid oxygen (SLO) product that is a safe supplement containing stabilized oxygen in a liquid solution of water and salt. B.O.L. has a very high pH level compared with other SLO products, which means more oxygen (which the herpes virus cannot handle). The pH varies from 12 to 13.7 dependent on that particular factory batch which is much more than competing SLO products which contain an almost neutral pH of 7 and equal amounts of acidic hydrogen/alkaline hydroxyl ions. Typical people with acidic diets will have a very low pH and will need to rise it to at least 7.45, an oxygen rich level where the herpes virus cannot exist. Decreasing acidic intake along with taking B.O.L will assist in the process of increasing the body's pH. The additional advantage to using B.O.L. compared with lower pH SLO is the excess oxygen (12-13 pH) is then used by the body to combat new incoming acids from stress, diet, and other factors.

Alkalife is another tool used along with B.O.L to help reduce acid levels in the body by reducing acid intake in beverages. Part of this treatment is a change in one's diet and everyday thinking about what they put in their body. Many drinks however are acidic, and sometimes due to health, or personal taste one might want to consume these acidic liquids. This includes tea, coffee, beer, wine and most alcoholic drinks, all of which contain other health benefits which one would like to benefit from all the while maintaining a higher pH. Alkalife when added to your favorite drink like coffee or beer will reduce the acid levels to a point where your body can handle the acid and not cause build up of waste acid (which over time allows viruses like the herpes virus and others to proliferate).

When discussing acid intake from beverages the topic of "soda" cannot be ignored, diet and regular soda has a typical pH in the range from 2.5-3.5. Unlike less acidic drinks like the ones mentioned above (coffee, tea, beer) soda contains so much acid that even Alkalife and consumption of oxygen boosters like B.O.L. cannot return the body to a proper pH level. One needs to consider this fact when choosing to consume soda as it would have disastrous effects on your body not only from the sugar and calories but most importantly from the acid levels. The body's bloodstream needs to maintain a steady pH of 7.3-7.45 and soda makes that extremely difficult, this causes homeostasis where the body encapsulates the waste acid. This build up of acid is again, what causes anaerobic viruses like the herpes virus to thrive and replicate within the human body.

A note for people who exercise a good deal and routinely go through 'abnormal respiration' and create lots of lactic acid in the process. This process is counter active to this herpes treatment procedure, and for at least the first 5 months, exercising should be limited to walking, or activities that won't push a person beyond the anaerobic threshold. Once the pH is under control, limited exercise is allowed assuming the herpes virus, and outbreaks remain dormant.

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